Stopping for Berries

Ripened berries from the trees
Started raining down on me
With softly landing little plops
The berries splattered as they dropped.
I stopped to listen to the sound:
Intermittent landings on the ground.
The air was ripened with the scent
Of Spring’s warm calling all incensed
By humid air and sultry breeze
Around me by the busy bees.

I sat aside to take it in
This moment! Here and now! Wherein
Abruptly felt a mucky splat—
A berry landed on my back!
I looked above and heard them first:
These playful birdies’ pecking thirst
Had shook the branches up above
Some sparrows, and perhaps, a dove?
They chittered, snickered at my fate
A bunch of jokers, incarnate.

Unwelcomed by my stopping here
I left the birdies in their cheer
And carried on my journey hence;
A little fun, at my expense.