The Cleansing of Constance Brown

Update: Trailer now online

Last night was a pleasure to witness the opening night of Stan’s Cafe’s new production ‘The Cleansing of Constance Brown’, an ensemble of seven performers.  I don’t want to expose too much of what you should all experience if you can – as it is definitely an experience as well as a show (it’s on at the Warwick Arts Centre for 5 days, then the troupe tour to Vienna, Edinburgh, and around Europe for the next few months).  Tickets are limited to 25 audience members per performance, and its set makes it a site-specific piece, where the ‘site’ is a common hallway, paradoxically breaking the general rule of site-specific shows for a specific site to be the set!  Set in a long black corridor, the simple set up does not limit the imagination. With limited dialogue, actions indeed speak louder than words.


Capturing moments of waiting, moments of “going” from one place to another, it constructs a world without showing you the main action. In fact, the side action that is exposed in a simple hallway feels more weighty than what is actually happening in the other ‘rooms’, as it shows us the preparation of emotion, or the gradual shifts of mood that you don’t usually witness.  Using the techiniques of a moving back wall expands the space as well as creates new ones, as does the ritual of cleaning: this action in itself brings the audience to be aware of the ‘little things’, and without ‘main action’, without words, you can still make out what time and place we are supposed to have shifted into.


Through techniques that can only be experienced within the medium of theatre, your imagination is invited to participate within the numerous spatial and temporal worlds of a simple stage…

I promised to keep it short, but there isn’t much more to say.  The experience is enough.

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